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Founder Printer AM2000F


Laser multifunction printer, copier, fax, color scanner

·         a versatile 4-in-1 laser MFP

·         compact design with powerful performance

·         favorite copy and ID card copy function

·         regular fax job plus PC fax

Bigger and faster is good. But smaller and faster is better. The compact AM2000F is an economical and efficient four-in-one solution for home-based and small office settings. Print sharp text and graphics at speeds up to 20ppm. Fax fast with 3-second scan and 3-second transmission speeds. Fax directly from your PC, or copy and scan with distinctly professional results. The AM2000F laser MFP. Small size, Big results.

·         A versatile 4-in-1 laser MFP

With laser printing, colour scanning, digital copying and efficient faxing in one space-saving design, the Founder MFP AM2000F four-in-one offers businesses quality documents and improved productivity.

·         favorite copy and ID card copy function

To use special copy feature quickly, you may press "Favorite Copy" button. Then you can find assigned special copy feature easily and you can enjoy the special feature and save time.
ID Copying allows copying of both sides of an ID or small document onto one sheet of paper. This also saves paper and time. This special function helps you to use very convenient ID copy or small document.

·         Superior the high-resolution scanning performance

The Founder MFP AM2000F scans color documents at 4,800dpi, in enhanced mode. As a scanner, the Founder MFP AM2000F has excellent color-matching and gradient capabilities.

·         Compact design with powerful performance

The FOUNDER MFP AM2000F takes up a tiny 374 x 438mm square on your desk, standing only 368mm high and weighing 10.4Kg. Its two-tone shell makes your office simple and refined.
Some other all-in-one printers tend to force users to take more space and less multi-function but the FOUNDER MFP AM2000F's underlying features are designed to safeguard user's space and lower cost to the maximum.

You get professional printing, scanning and flatbed copying in one space-saving device that helps you maximise your office space.

·         Regular fax job plus PC fax

The FOUNDER MFP AM2000F is an efficient fax. It also has the ability to send a fax document directly from your PC via the supplied SmarThru 4 software. Save time and paper by simply clicking on the ''PC Fax'' button from your computer.

·         Advanced OCR function

You can just use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to scan all that paper. OCR scans documents and transforms them into editable rich text.

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